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About Us

Edushiksha is a commitment to excellence in guidance and counseling. Edushiksha continuously strives for excellence, evident from every single mission that it undertakes. Powered by the intellect and expertise of highly qualified thought leaders, young aspirants experience a metamorphosis that Inspires and Gears them towards a better tomorrow by Driving them to champion and conquer the context.

Edushiksha, an MBA admissions team, provides business school applications, help to applicants aiming for the top MBA programs. Our services include MBA application strategies and MBA essay help for the best business schools as well as general career counselling.

We have plenty of free resources on our website. Here’s why we openly share MBA and career advice on our site. Whether it’s paid or free, we hope you find your association with us and our website fruitful.

Edushiksha focuses on 3 Core Areas- Professional counselling, Admissions, Internships/ Placements.

Professional counselling includes Career Counselling to Parents and Students by Industry experts, Management Development/Executive short duration programmes, Job search in abroad and India etc.

The services are One Stop Solution for whatever you need in life to GROW and SUCCEED in your “CAREER”, therefore the name “Edushiksha”.

Edushiksha has tremendous expertise in Student Counselling with experts having experience of 10-20 years in Education. We are expertise in Top MBA/ PGDM colleges /Engineering programs as we have been sending students to the best institutions.